What You Need To Know When Considering Taxidermy For Your Wild Game

Wildlife taxidermy mounts are popular among hunters that want to share a trophy that they got on a hunt that is a once-in-a-lifetime harvest. For most people, these mounts are not everyday animals, but when you harvest something special, saving it and having a professional taxidermist prepare and mount it may be something you want to consider.  

Animal Preservation

Hunting exists in most societies, and for many people, that primal nature is something to celebrate. A good hunt that allows the hunter to harvest a large deer or a unique animal that they have been after for years will often be one that the hunter wants to preserve.

Some things are necessary when considering professional wildlife taxidermy mounts. The first is the preservation of the hide and other parts of the animal for the taxidermist to work with. Once the animal is skinned and butchered, the hide will need some preparation by the taxidermist to ensure that it will remain in great shape and can be put on a mount and look good when finished. 

The type of animal, the mount style, and the size of the animal can all play a critical role in the process. It is essential to contact a taxidermist right away when you have something you want to be mounted, so they can take the skin or hide and preserve it for transport to them. 

Taxidermy Mount Types

Many people have seen professional wildlife taxidermy mounts of deer, moose, elk, or other animals on the wall of a rustic lodge or other location. The wall mounts use small parts of the animals, while a full-sized mount may involve the entire animal and are harder to create. What the taxidermist needs from you can vary with the mount type you are looking for, but they can often tell you what to save for your mount. 

Hide Preparation

Saving the hide correctly will ensure a successful mount. Fold it carefully with the skin against itself, roll it up, place it in a cooler or game bag, and transport it to the taxidermist as soon as possible. Some taxidermists are okay with salted hides, but most would prefer that you store them free of salt or other preservatives so check with your taxidermist.

Heat will promote bacteria growth on the skin, so keep it cool and dry, but don't freeze it entirely if possible. Never use a trash bag to store the hide, but a breathable game bag will work in most situations. Deliver the skin to the taxidermists as quickly as possible for the best results when creating your professional wildlife mounts after the harvest.

Contact a local taxidermist to learn more about mounted taxidermy.

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