Three Supplies Every Beginner Must Get For Their New Horse Stable

Finally getting the horse you want and a stable to house them in can be a very exciting time. They are beautiful animals and many people are obsessed with them as soon as they are introduced, but often some of the nuances of horse ownership are lost on beginners at first. You need to ensure that your horse is happy and comfortable and that their needs are being met not just in terms of food but how they are living in their stable. Here are a few horse stable supplies every new owner should make sure they have on their property.

Slow Feed Bag 

Horses, like most animals, love to eat in a hurry if there is plenty of food in front of them and this can lead to indigestion and other issues you simply want to avoid due to how annoying they can be and how much time they can waste. A slow feed bag is exactly that, you put the feed in the top, whatever it may be, and the horse can only eat little bits of it at a time, ensuring a smooth digestive process. This is ideal for busy horse owners who cannot supervise all their horses at once and who may have other tasks to fulfill.

Automatic Water

One of the bare necessities that you don't have to monitor your horse consuming is water, and in fact, it is a good idea to give them consistent and constant access to this life-giving liquid. These automatic water dispensers ensure that the water you give your horse is not only plentiful, as horses can drink a lot, but it is fresh and not filled with organic waste as you might accidentally give your horse when you try to give them liquids in a bucket or a trough. An automatic water dispenser is a must on a modern farm.

Pooper Scooper

One thing that every horse owner learns after a short period of time is just how much and how regularly a horse creates waste. While you may have initially forgotten to get a pooper scooper of some kind, you will want to rectify that as quickly as possible. A pooper scooper allows some much-needed distance between you and the waste in the stable. There are many different variants around, but as long as you have one that is made of sturdy material, it should last for years to come. 

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