Why One Scope Mount Won't Work For Every Type Of Rifle

Scopes are very important if you want to make sure that your rifle is as accurate as possible. The scope mount attaches to your rifle and the scope then attaches to the scope mount. However, when you go to purchase your first scope mount, you may be surprised at how many options are available. That's because different rifles need different scope mounts.

Why a Scope Mount Makes All the Difference

When firing your rifle, the gun will have a violent recoil that is unavoidable. Therefore, you'll want your scope to remain steady during the recoil so you can aim properly. It's important to have a great scope mount for your rifle. Some shooters purchase inexpensive mounts only to find that they are the primary reason why they miss so many shots.

If you purchase a great scope mount, you will enjoy several benefits:

  1. More accurate shots.
  2. A scope that lasts much longer.
  3. Additional features that make your scope easier to use.

While some scope mounts are better than others, they all have similar characteristics.

Rails vs. Bases

A scope mount comes with a rail or base where you attach the scope and rings. A base is considered less rugged than a rail, but if you are using a bolt action rifle, a base is a better option. 

How to Purchase the Right Type of Base

One of the concerns you might have is how heavy your rifle is. For some shooters, the weight of the rifle doesn't matter, while other shooters struggle to aim with a rifle that's too heavy. Fortunately, some scope mount bases are very light and also do not cost as much.

The standard base should not be used with heavy scopes or with a rifle that has a magnum caliber because the mount can break. If you will be using a magnum caliber, use a dual dovetail mount.

In some cases, you will need multiple scopes. A quick-release mount can help you change scopes quickly as you hunt different types of game. A cross slot is also very efficient when changing scopes, and some hunters prefer it because it has a more traditional look.


You might want to adjust the mount and change its elevation. If changing the height doesn't matter, you'll want to consider how high up you want the mount to be so that your rifle will be easy to use. While your mount might seem like a minor factor, you'll notice the difference when you go hunting with a better rifle scope mount.

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