Renting A Pontoon Boat? Get Familiar With These Terms

Are you going to be renting a pontoon boat for the first time? If so, it will help to get a bit familiar with some of the terms that are associated with pontoon boats that are different from other boats.

Lifting Strakes

One feature of a potential pontoon boat you will be renting is that it has lifting strakes. This is used to describe the pieces of metal that are underneath each pontoon. You won't be able to see them while the boat is in the water, which is why you'll want to know if they are there or not. Lifting strakes help lift the boat up faster once you take off and improve overall fuel economy. 

Rub Rail

The pontoon boat will have a rub rail around the deck's exterior made out of rubber, metal, or some combo of the two. This is designed to protect the deck from becoming damaged when it rubs up against a dock. It is worth noting the condition of the rub rail before you rent a pontoon boat, and point out any damage to the rub rail that you notice. 


A feature that is not common in all pontoon boats is a changeroom. This is a curtain that pops out from under one of the seats, and it allows people to have privacy if they want to change while out on the water. This can be a nice feature to have in a pontoon boat that you are renting, because you may have guests that change their mind and decide they want to get into a bathing suit. With no cabin underneath the front of the boat, a changeroom is the only way to give people privacy. 

Bimini Top

Another feature that you may want to have for your pontoon boat rental is a bimini top. This type of top is a bit like a canopy that is elevated above the entire pontoon boat. It can be a great way to protect you from the sun or give some shelter if it starts to rain while you are out on the water. 

Half-Camper Cover

A half-camper cover gives you a bit more protection while using the pontoon boat. It leaves the front half of the boat completely covered but has a raised portion in the back that is completely covered where the benches are behind the helm. This can be great for cooler days when renting a pontoon boat.

Contact a company that provides new pontoon boat rentals for more information.

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Are you going to be renting a pontoon boat for the first time? If so, it will help to get a bit familiar with some of the terms that are associated wi