4 Innovative Accessories To Add To Your Snowmobile Outfit

Don't let mounds of snow and ice put a damper on your need for speed. Dust off your snowmobile and hit the trails for a few hours of winter fun. Before you head out, make sure you have all the gear you need to stay dry, warm, and comfortable on your trek. Here are a few innovative accessories to add to your snowmobile outfit. 

1. Protective Pullover Vest

When you're riding through tight or dark quarters, it's possible for a wayward branch to smack you in the chest or torso. Minimize the pain from these incidents by wearing a protective pullover vest.

A protective vest contains foam padding to cushion your body during ride-related mishaps. The slim design means that you have the protection and warmth of an additional layer without adding bulk to your riding outfit. Thanks to the convenient pullover design, you're ready to go within minutes.

2. Heated Goggles

Heated goggles are a great addition to your riding gear. Not only do they make it safer for you to enjoy snowmobile riding, but they may help you go on longer treks without having to stop and fix your goggles. The heating feature eliminates fog build-up inside your goggles.

You can use the heating option for hours at a time so that your goggles remain fog-free on short and long excursions alike. Blowing snow and sleet quickly melt away thanks to the heat of the goggles. This prevents winter precipitation from potentially obscuring your vision. 

3. Fog-Minimizing Mask

A fog-minimizing mask is another terrific addition to reduce fog build up on your riding accessories. Depending on your preferred gear and the length of your ride, you may suit up with goggles, eyeglasses, or a helmet with an attached riding shield. Regardless of which type of eye protection you wear, a fog-minimizing mask will maintain a high level of visibility. 

The material for a fog-minimizing mask keeps you warm without sacrificing breathability. Look for an option with a universal fit and ergonomic style to ensure your mask feels like a second skin.

4. Heated Socks

Even when you're wearing waterproof boots and multiple layers of socks, it may seem like your feet are the first part on your body to get cold. Skip the layers while keeping your feet toasty by opting for heated socks. Most heated socks fit comfortably under any type of footwear designed for snowmobile riding.

Heated socks boast uniform heating that distributes the warmth evenly across your feet and toes. Not only does this keep every portion of your foot warm, but it prevents one area of your foot from getting overheated. 

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