Three Roof-Related Considerations For Building A Horse Shelter

Whether you own one horse, a pair of horses, or you have a hobby farm at which other horse owners board their animals, shelter is an important topic. Horse shelters come in many different styles, from simple and portable shelters to vast barns that can hold a large number of animals. If you're planning to construct a horse shelter of any size, there are many elements to think about. A critical element of any horse shelter is the roof. It might not seem as important as deciding the size of the stalls or the features that each stall will offer, but don't overlook coming up with the right approach for the roof. Here are three considerations to evaluate.


Although flat-roofed structures can sometimes look visually appealing, you should plan to angle the roof of your horse shelter. There are many different schools of thought about the exact pitch that is appropriate, but a moderate pitch is critical for drainage. A flat roof doesn't allow rain and snow to slide off it, and it can also get covered with leaves during the autumn. The weight of the snow or the leaves can stress the roof, and potentially even cause it to collapse—not something that you want with horses beneath it.


There are different approaches that you can take regarding the roof material. Many horse owners opt for a steel roof, given its durability and appearance. However, this can be a poor choice for a horse shelter. Horses are often nervous animals that are quick to get spooked. Rain and hail can produce loud sounds on a metal roof, which can cause anxiety to the horses inside of the shelter. A roof that will be quieter during inclement weather—for example, one made of cedar shingles—is a good idea.

Solar Panels

If you're building a horse shelter, you'll need to give some thought to getting a power source to it. In addition to having a heat source in the shelter, you'll also want interior and exterior lights. Where the roof is concerned, give some thought to installing one or more solar panels on the roof. Doing so can gather some of the power that you'll need, which can be an effective way to save money when compared to using electrical power. It's especially convenient to use solar power if the shelter will be a considerable distance from the house, and you won't have to run cable underground.

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Whether you own one horse, a pair of horses, or you have a hobby farm at which other horse owners board their animals, shelter is an important topic.

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