Tips For Supporting Your Young Child's First Dance Experience

Although many school-aged children love taking dance classes, it's possible that you have a child who is even younger who seems like a perfect fit for this type of gathering. Many dance studios have programs for young children, and this can be a good reason to get out of the house with your little dance enthusiast and give him or her an opportunity to move and have fun with other children. It's ideal to support your young child in a number of ways. If he or she is a little shy, the idea of spending time with a bunch of new kids in a new environment may initially be a challenge. Here are some ways that you can support your child.

Dance At Home

Both before your child's first dance class, and at other times in between studio visits, make a point of dancing with your child at home. He or she has probably expressed some degree of interest in dancing for you to enroll the child in these classes, but it's fun to make dance a focus in your household — and you may find yourself enjoying moving around freely, too. Put on some children's music and bounce around the living room or basement together. When your child's first dance class arrives, the environment and people may seem new but the activity will seem familiar.

Don't Fuss Over Movement

While it's true that children's dance classes will teach the students specific movements for each type of dance, this isn't exactly the case for the classes aimed at children who are very young. Adults can often ruin a child's fun by being strict with rules and suggestions. If your child is just a few years old, he or she doesn't need to dance with perfect form — simply getting up and moving is the goal to this activity, and the dance instructor likely adheres to this philosophy.

Buy The Right Apparel

Children who take dance lessons will often need to buy specific apparel, and you may have the choice of different products to buy. Even when they're young, children can find confidence in wearing certain outfits, so be cognizant of this fact when you shop for your young dancer. For example, instead of buying secondhand dance clothing, look for something new and flashy — and take your child shopping with you so that he or she can have a say in what you buy.

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