Tips For Buying A Conceal Carry Holster For Your Handgun

Many people who own handguns also choose to conceal carry for self defense. One of the keys to successfully conceal carrying a handgun is to purchase the right holster. Holsters for conceal carrying differ from other handgun holders in several ways. Use the following tips to select the right conceal carry holster for your handgun:

Choose the Best Material

Leather holsters are highly recommended for people who want to conceal carry. A holster made of high quality leather is designed to last for a long time, making it a good value. If you can't find a leather holster that you like, you can also look into a molded plastic holster, as these tend to be quite durable as well.

Get the Right Fit

If you plan to conceal carry, it is best to avoid holsters that are one size fits all. Purchasing a one size fits all holster can lead to frustration, since there is a good chance that your handgun won't have a perfect fit. It may cost a little bit more, but it is in your best interest to purchase a holster that is designed for the specific type of handgun that you own and plan on carrying. When selecting a holster, make sure that the holster and the belt also fit well; there should not be any slippage or movement.

Make Sure You Can Draw Your Gun in Different Situations

If you're conceal carrying a handgun for self defense, it is essential to be able to draw the gun in any situation. Before purchasing a holster, try it out and make sure that you can draw your handgun in different positions. A great holster for conceal carry will allow you to quickly draw your gun with your non-dominant hand and while seated. Try out several holsters in different positions to see which one is most comfortable and gives you access to your gun in all situations.

Avoid Holsters with Features that Make the Handgun Hard to Access

When you plan to conceal carry, the last thing you want is to have a holster that makes accessing your gun difficult. Avoid holsters that have features like safety straps, push button releases, and thumb straps. If you're an experienced handgun owner that has the skills necessary to conceal carry a weapon, you don't need these features in a holster and they will just slow you down in the event that you need to draw your gun in an emergency situation. 

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