Ways To Prepare Your Golf Carts In Advance Of A Wedding

When you're preparing an outdoor wedding site in advance of the ceremony, no detail is too small to command your attention. This means that you'll be busy setting up and decorating the tent, preparing the tables and chairs, and even looking after smaller details, such as signs that direct your guests where to go. If the wedding venue is large enough that golf carts are necessary for transportation, don't forget to have a plan for preparing them, too. Here are some steps that are important to take with the golf carts that you'll use for your wedding.

Wash Them

You want to have everything meticulous on your wedding day, and that means that the golf carts that will carry your guests from the parking lot to your ceremony site must also be clean. Talk to the venue's staff about washing the golf carts prior to your day. If you're getting married at a golf resort and the carts are used for playing golf, they may have grass clippings and small mud splatters around the tires and wheel wells. Some attention to detail in this regard will ensure that the carts look their best. For more information, contact professionals like the Cart Company.

Decorate Them

Many of the other elements throughout the venue will be decorated for your wedding, so it's important to ensure that your golf carts don't stand out for the wrong reason. There are many different ways that you can decorate the carts to ensure that they suit your wedding theme. Find material, ribbons, or other similar things that match the colors of your wedding — if you're decorating a large tent, you'll likely have these things in ample supply — and decorate the golf carts with them. Some appropriate-colored ribbons that stream off the rear of the golf cart when it drives, for example, can add plenty of fun and visual appeal.

Load Them With Supplies

It can be a nice touch to load each of the facility's golf carts with some refreshments and other supplies that your guests may need. A cooler on the back of each cart with some bottles of water, for example, is a good idea. If the day is particularly hot and sunny, providing some individual serving-sized packets of sunscreen is a thoughtful idea that your guests will appreciate. You may even wish to include a few snacks, especially if you anticipate that some guests will arrive early. Simple items such as granola bars are a good selection. 

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