Some Things To Know About Gymnastics

There are so many benefits to having your child in gymnastics. Whether you have a preschool aged child or a teenager, they can benefit from learning the basics of gymnastics and participating in this great sport. Here are some of the things that you should know if you are new to gymnastics.

What Do You Wear?

In most gyms, there will be a dress code of what the participant should wear. Girls should wear something called a leotard. This looks much like a one-piece swimsuit and can have shorts attached, or it can be a swimsuit cut. The reason for this leotard is that it allows for the most mobility and is best for the person watching as well. They can see all of the movements of the body and correct what is not being done correctly. If you wear clothing that is too baggy, it won't look right when you do your routines, and you don't have as good of range of motion. The leotard should fit well enough that is isn't riding up or falling down so that the person can comfortable do the movements without adjusting it.

Boys usually wear a fitted tank top or shirt and shorts when they participate in gymnastics. Young boys who are just starting out may have less strict dress code standards.

Is Gymnastics Dangerous?

Early gymnastics are not any more dangerous than any other sport. The skills that a gymnast learns in the early stages of their instruction will be helpful for any other sport. They will learn balance, strength training, flexibility, and coordination. Many of the skills that they learn will be things that they need to know for other athletic events.

As the participants get more skilled, it can become more dangerous as they flip and do different events. However, if the gymnast is trained properly to use the right techniques and if they are only attempting the techniques while at an approved gym and with a spotter they should be safe.

How Old Should You Be Before You Start Gymnastics?

Each gym will have a different age limit when they allow children to start. Many gyms will allow children to start about 3-4 years old since they know the many benefits of starting gymnastics young. However, some places will allow you to do a parent, child class even younger than that.

These are some of the things you should know about gymnastics. For more information on leotards, contact your local gym clothing supplier. 

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