Three Reasons To Take A Stab At Spearfishing

One of the best things about booking a fishing charter through a place like Rod Benders Charters is that doing so gives you an opportunity to experience different types of fishing without having to buy all of the necessary gear. Although you might prefer to use your own fishing equipment during certain fishing charters, you may also be interested in booking an outing in which you'll be fishing in a new way — and it's nice that the charter can commonly supply your equipment. If you're an avid angler, it's ideal if you can find a fishing charter company that offers spearfishing. This different type of activity can be highly exciting, especially if you've never done it. Here are three reasons to give spearfishing a try.

It's More Of A Physical Challenge

Although some people go spearfishing by standing in shallow water, others actually don snorkels and fins and swim into deeper water to look for their prey. If the latter interests you, a big reason to try it is for the physical challenge. Fishing from the side of a boat may sometimes be difficult, but it's not overly physically demanding. However, when you're actively swimming through the water for lengthy periods of time in pursuit of fish to spear, you're really testing your physical ability — and that is something that many people will favor.

It Can Be More Humane

On the surface, spearfishing might seem a little barbaric, which could initially turn you off it. However, as long as you take the correct approach — and the fishing charter crew will make sure that this is the case — it can be more humane than other methods of fishing. In spearfishing, you spear your fish, pull it toward you, and then humanely kill it with a knife. In other methods of fishing, you might fight a hooked fish for several minutes, during which time the fish could swallow your hook and further injure itself.

A Charter Outing Is The Perfect Introduction

There's arguably no better way to get acquainted with spearfishing than by booking a fishing charter. If you're curious about this activity and wish to try it on your own, you'd need to buy all of the necessary gear and recruit a friend to try spearfishing with you, as you should never pursue this activity alone. If you find that you don't favor it compared to other forms of fishing, you'll be out the money your invested. When a spearfishing charter, you'll get a perfect chance to learn more about this pastime and see if you like it, and your group of friends on the charter will make the outing even more fun.

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