Augment Your Stock Car Racing Experience with These Purchases

When you're planning to attend a stock car race, a number of different things can augment your experience. A sunny day, attending with friends, and seeing your favorite driver take the checkered flag can all combine to make the race one that you'll remember for a long time. When you're getting ready to buy your tickets for the race, it's important to know that what you purchase can be instrumental in augmenting the overall experience. Here are three things that you should consider buying.

Start/Finish Line Seats

Seats anywhere at a stock car track will allow you to enjoy the race, but there's something especially exciting about sitting above the start/finish line. After the pace laps, the cars will rumble toward the line as they accelerate, and it's a thrill to be in this vicinity to watch them coming.

Additionally, in a hotly contested race, being near the line for the closing laps can be breathtaking as you watch the drivers compete to see who can take the checkered flag. Start/finish line seats will cost a little more than seats elsewhere around the track, but the extra expense can be worth it in terms of the overall experience that you get.

Pit Pass

Many stock car racing fans get to the track several hours before the green flag flies. While some of them favor tailgating with old and new friends, others love the idea of walking up and down pit lane. At most tracks, the pit lane is open for a period of time in advance of the race, which means that you can actually walk close to the cars, take pictures in your favorite team's pit box, meet crew members, and more. You can buy a pit pass when you purchase your tickets for the race, and you may find that your time on pit road generates as many positive memories as the race itself.

Qualifying Tickets

If you're traveling a significant amount of distance to attend the stock car race, it's nice to get as much as you can out of the visit. You'll enjoy spending longer at the track if you buy tickets to watch the qualifying, which generally takes place a couple days before the race. Qualifying sessions aren't as heavily populated by fans, which means that you may be able to get prime tickets to enjoy the action. Additionally, there will be less of a crowd as you walk around in the vendors' area to buy souvenirs from your favorite driver's trailer.

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