Three Bicycle Care And Maintenance Tips

Your bicycle may be an essential form of transportation for you or an enjoyable source of exercise. Unfortunately, individuals that have invested in a high-quality bicycle will frequently make errors when caring for these devices that can put them at a risk of experiencing malfunctions that could be expensive to address or that may force you to replace the entire bike.

Have The Brakes Professionally Serviced

The brakes on your bicycle are among the most important safety components, and any problems with the brakes can put you at an extreme risk of being in an accident. Unfortunately, individuals will often attempt to service their own brakes due to an assumption that this will be a fairly basic task. While the brakes on your bicycle will not be as complicated as the brakes found in your car, it can still be easy for individuals to make mistakes when working on these brakes that could cause them to fail when they are applied. A bicycle shop can help you with these repairs.

Keep The Gears And Chains Lubricated

As your bicycle is being used, the various moving components of it will experience significant amounts of friction. This friction can be strong enough to cause the bicycle to be much more difficult to pedal, and it can also cause extensive damage to the parts that were subjected to the friction. Lubricating these components will be essential for preventing your bicycle from encountering problems. Unfortunately, the lubrication that is on your bike will start to degrade from being used and absorbed by dust and dirt that gets on these components. Therefore, you should regularly check your bike's lubrication. Whenever you notice that it seems to have too little lubrication, you should add more to it before you attempt to use the bicycle.

Properly Store The Bicycle When You Are Not Using

There may be periods of the year when riding your bicycle will simply not be a practical option. This can be particularly true for those that live in areas that experience harsh winters. When you store the bicycle for long periods of time, you will need to protect it against both moisture and dust. As a result, you will want to keep the bicycle inside during these times, and you will also want to cover the bicycle with a protective tarp until you are ready to use it again. When you remove the bicycle from storage, you should take a few moments to test it before you attempt to ride it a long distance so that you can be sure that it will be able to function at peak performance during your trip.

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