Host An Outdoor Sports Event At The Daycare Facility That You Own And Operate

If you recently held a fundraiser at the daycare facility that you own and operate and plan to use a portion of the proceeds that were raised to host an outdoor sports event that includes relay races and team sports competitions for enrolled children to participate in, the following ideas can be included to help make the event a success:

Custom Ribbons And Shirts

Purchase custom ribbons that contain bright colors and that have the children's names printed on them. Buy white t-shirts from a clothing store and use fabric paint and stencils to add each child's name to the front or back of the garments. If you would like the shirts to have a personalized appearance, allow each child to decorate their own shirt. Before the sporting extravaganza begins, hand out the ribbons to the children and ask the kids to put the shirts on.

After instructing parents and relatives to sit on the sidelines of a field or enclosed area where the games will be played, instruct the children to line up and walk in front of the audience. Announce each child's name and allow them to wave their ribbon around as people in the audience applaud. Afterward, provide your guests with a brief description of the games that will be played.

Grilled Food And Cool Beverages

Bring a grill outdoors and set it up next to the audience viewing area. Place hot dogs and hamburger meat inside of a cooler and pack buns, condiments, and paper plates in a basket or large container. Set up a table next to the grill and place the food and plates on top of it.

Add ice to the bottom of a large cooler and add bottles or cans of juice and water inside of the cooler. After several games have been played, announce that an intermission will be held. During this time, prepare hot dogs and hamburgers for the children and their families and offer cold beverages to everyone.

Award Ceremony

At the end of the sports event, thank everyone for attending the gathering and instruct the children to sit down in front of the audience. Announce each child's name and hand out paper certificates or small trophies after everyone's name has been stated. Tell the children that you are proud of them for their efforts during the sports event and that they are welcome to keep the ribbons and t-shirts as souvenirs. 

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