Ready To Tackle Another Side Of Boating? 3 Steps To Learning How To Sew Custom Boat Covers

You've always been an avid crafter, yet you have been spending so much time on the water lately that you have started to miss your sewing machine. You also couldn't help but notice that you could easily sew your own boat covers and accessories with just a little practice. In fact, getting into this kind of project will help you sail through the off-season when you are missing the marina. Now that you can't get sewing out of your mind, use these tips to get acquainted with the nuances of sewing boating accessories:

Select a Quality Sewing Machine

As you know, the right sewing machine makes a big difference in the quality of your finished products. While your average home machine works fine for sewing cotton dresses, it is important to learn how to sew marine canvas on a machine that is designed to handle thicker fabrics. Look for a heavy-duty machine that can easily sew through canvas, leather, and vinyl to ensure that you can complete any project on your list. If you plan to sew boat covers as a side business, then you may also consider upgrading to a professional machine with a long arm that allows you to work on larger pieces of fabric easily.

Simplify Learning With Kits

Preparing for sailboat projects requires a little more effort compared to other sewing projects since it is common to need things such as support poles and cordage. Therefore, starting with a kit allows you to get started faster without wasting time trying to gather all of your supplies or worrying that you left something off of the list. Kits can be found for everything from boat covers to sails, so you can keep yourself challenged as you begin to finish more projects.

Watch How-To Videos and Practice Your Skills

Once you have your basic supplies, you know the only way to learn is to practice. Search for beginner videos that show you the basic skills that you need for sewing with marine canvas, and grab some scrap fabric to practice sewing straight lines. Over time, you will notice that you quickly pick up your new skill, and you can look forward to showing off your handiwork the next time you hit the open water.

When you love sewing and boating, you can combine your two biggest passions into one amazing way to spend your time. Whether you are admiring your handcrafted boat cover from the water or sewing a new accessory on land, you can always add something new to your aquatic adventures.

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