What Are Your Best Party Options For Your Child's Winter Birthday?

If your child was born between October and March, you may find yourself struggling to plan consistently fun, new, and exciting birthday parties each year. While children with summer birthdays have the option of pool parties, outdoor barbecues, and other kid-friendly activities, those born in the winter months can find themselves with a much more limited repertoire of party ideas. However, by thinking outside the box, you may be able to find the perfect party option to keep your child and his or her friends entertained even when it's chilly outside. Read on for three unique and memorable winter birthday party locations.

Gymnastics Party

When the outside weather doesn't permit much running or playing, children can end up with quite a bit of pent-up energy. This can make a birthday party at a local gymnastics center the perfect option for children and parents alike. 

While your child and his or her friends take advantage of gymnastics equipment like the uneven bars, balance beam, trampoline, and vault, you and the other parents can watch safely from the sidelines or even take part in some jumps and flips of your own. 

In many cases, you'll be permitted to bring in your own birthday treats, simply renting the room in which your child and his or her friends will be enjoying cake, ice cream, and beverages and paying for the setup and cleanup processes. Check out places like Brown's Gymnastics to see what your options are.  

Pizza and a Movie

If some of your child's friends have physical limitations that might make a sports-based party difficult, or if your child would prefer a more relaxed party that involves less physical activity, a pizza-and-a-movie party can pack a one-two punch of entertainment. 

Your child will be able to enjoy food and socialization at your local pizza joint, then travel with his or her friends to the movie theater for a movie of the birthday boy or girl's choice. Choosing a matinee film can save you quite a bit of money, as most theaters offer discounted tickets during the day. 

Roller Skating  

Another physical option perfect for kids who are tired of being housebound, a roller skating party at your local roller rink can be a great way for your birthday boy or girl to socialize with friends, skate to his or her favorite songs, and enjoy some snacks, all while safely indoors and away from the chilly outside weather. 

For the price of rink and skate rental for a group of your child's friends, you'll be able to give other harried parents a break from entertaining their own young ones while ensuring you'll return these kids tired but satisfied just a few hours later. 

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